Backlinks still work

Google does not stop announcing that it fights this or that particular link market site. This is the main prove that by offering easy-to-get backlinks these link markets help webmasters manipulating Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). What should we learn from this?

This means that Google is still using backlinks as a main ranking factor. Together with the industry of the donor-site and anchor phrases the backlinks themselves help Google to understand how trusted any site should be and how high it should be placed among similar sites in SERPs.

Where should we get backlinks from to make our site to rank high?

There used to be Page Rank that helped webmasters to understand what site is considered to be more "trusted" and valueble for Google. And links from such site used to help your main site to rank higher. But after Google officialy stated that it's not going to take into consideration Page Rank as ranking factor we were left alone with our suggestions: what should we consider as a trusted site that Google is ready to place on top of all others?

Our experience of promotion to Google TOP 10 page and a common sence brings us the following chain of conclusions:

I. Backlinks have to come from sites that belong to your industry.

II. Backlinks should have your targeted keywords as anchors (cause only they can help you getting higher) but the proportion of such anchors should be reasonable to look natural.

III. Backlinks should be placed on sites that are not punished for taking place in link-building sales.

But what is the value of every particular backlink that you get?

The higher trust Google gives any site - the higher this site ranks for this particular keyword.

This means that sites that rank high are the most trusted and links from them will bring your better results and rankings.

Is it possible to get backlinks from Google TOP 10 sites? Sure it is!

For every client we create additional websites with your industry-related unique content and optimized landing pages for better customer flow and lower competition in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This means that together with the promotion of your main website, we undertake the same SEO efforts with additional sites and help them rank high for your targeted keywords. These websites are going to bring you additional clients and your Return of Investment (ROI) rates will increase greatly. Plus the more well-ranked sites you own - the less chances your competitors have.

But the main goal is that backlinks from sites that rank high will bring our main site the best possible positions. And believe us we know what we are telling you - this technique has been tested several times for Atlanta and other local orientated businesses and those sites who already rank high in National Google USE SERPs.

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